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Get accepted to any Affiliate Network

Get accepted to any Affiliate Networks

Ever wondering you are not accepted to a network which you believe you want to be into? Did you find yourself keep on trying using different kind of email address just to send another application form and in the end you are just rejected. For the people and new online marketers got confuse why they always rejected but they already give everything, maybe you are doing wrong and you did not met the requirements. I will be letting you know some techniques that has 90% of success rate you will be accepted.

Affiliate networks now a days such as CPA or Cost Per Action,PPD which stands for Pay Per Download, PPI or Pay Per Install and other kind of networks has some standards on accepting affiliates. They don't want to add in their database some users who don't return any profit to them. You can check the list of networks that will automatically accept you without any review and you can already start making money.

90% Chance of Getting Accepted to any Affiliate Networks

1. Become a Referral - This might have some advantage to the user who refer you since they will earn money while you earn. Mostly affiliate networks will give you high chance if they find you just got referred by one of their members.

2. Use formal Email Address - Definitely you are trying to join an affiliate network which is now consider as a formal job to some of online marketers who earn thousand of dollars a day online, therefor be formal with the use of your email. Tip: prefer using the email address which your name is stated example:

3.Fill up all the necessary information , answer questions briefly - This is pretty simple and easy to understand.

4.Be a liar - I find this awkward telling you this one since i know you guys want to be honest to the affiliate network you want to join, but trust me you really need to be a liar if you are desperate to join an affiliate network which you believe a very good network and fits for you. What i mean become a liar is simple, act like you know everything , let them believe you are earning good amount of money from your previous network.

5. Avoid Giving Bad Feedback to your previous network - The same as applying for a real work, please avoid this , they will think that you will do the same when you will leave their network and join another network.

6.Give Real Contact information - Some of the affiliate networks now a days will call you in order for them to confirm that it is you and it is also a sign of formality. They will ask you some questions as a sign of interview. Some networks use 3rd party provider such as skype, some prefer talking to you over the phone.

7.Know what you are doing-  You must know what you are into, applying for an affiliate network is not that simple. research first what network fits for you and those networks with high reputation. Joining newly created network which is not more than a year is a bit risky, even if they are showing some payment proofs and they are paying we dont know what will happen in the long run.

Those tips are really working for you, that 90% success rate of being accepted is guaranteed. No need for another guides, all you need is to follow those simple tips and you are good to go.

Get accepted to any Affiliate Networks
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